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Why Celebrate Laughter?
"Life is just a dash between two numbers on a tombstone. Enjoy yours and help others enjoy theirs!" Neil Shulman, M.D.
  • "Laughter is an instant vacation and a smile is a little curve that straightens everything out."
    Sandra Magsamen, artist who lives artfully
    "Living Artfully reminds us to explore and experience life with more heart, meaning, purpose and joy."
  • "Laughter is not only the best medicine. It's what keeps marriages alive, families from going insane, team mates in sync, and companies from
    going belly under (pun intended).
    Let your own Magical Impish Child come out more often and you'll be surprised at how the world looks different -- for the better."
    Carol Ross, team development consultant carolrossandassociates
  • "Laughter promotes our emotional state which in turn may enhance our physical health."
    Michael Miller, M.D., F.A.C.C., F.A.H.A.
    Associate Professor of Medicine, Epidemiology & Preventive Medicine Director, Center for Preventive Cardiology Division of Cardiology University of Maryland Medical Center
  •  “I believe that approachability and fallibility are crucial aspects of developing rapport with a class,” she said. “Students should see that a professor can laugh at him or herself and that making mistakes is always part of a learning process.”
    Doris Bazzini, Ph.D. Department of Psychology, Appalachian State University
    2006 Recipient of the Award for Teaching Excellence

Laughter and Positive Energy

  • "Laughter is pure positive energy.
    It will nurture, replenish and heal you.
    Judith Orloff, M.D., psychiatrist, intuitive, positive energy workshops, author of Positive Energy.  
  • "Laughter is extremely important because it can brighten dark surroundings, add light to a gloomy situation, or break a silence. Fun is the glue holding life together. Funliness is next to cleanliness!"
    Sarah Cunningham, a Seventh Grader
    2004 America's Funnest Kid! Contest sponsored by LoLo Company, national award winning toy maker, whose motto is "Live Life to the Funnest!"
    LoLo Company, "Live Life to the Funnest"  
  • “For me, a smile and authentic laugh is the universal language -- they can bridge any situation. The negative forces of fear, force and stress an all be dissipated by the simple act of laughter. And better than an apple a day -- a laugh a day will definitely keep the doctor away.”
    Leslie Yerkes, Chief Sherpa, Catalyst Consulting
    Change Is Fun

Laughter and Connection

    • “Laughter keeps formal and informal rituals on track. What matters most when a "disaster" strikes during a ritual is how the principals respond to it. If guests see that you are tense or angry, the celebratory mood will evaporate. If you can joke about the disruption and take it in stride, the guests will relax. You will be sending a message that the core action of the ritual is unaffected -- and that the real reason for such celebrations, the chance to deepen your connection with people you love, triumphs. If you forget to turn on the oven this Thanksgiving, serve pizza in a spirit of silly adventure: your guests will have more fun than if they'd been served a Martha Stewart picture-perfect banquet."
      Meg Cox, Ritual and Tradition Expert
        - The Book of Family Traditions
    • "For all the pride I have in helping to provide food, shelter, education, and a few lessons on character, nothing beats the bond of laughter.
      When I make my kids giggle, it lets them know that the big, older guy who forces them to eat their dinner and do their homework can connect with them on a basic level of instantaneous bliss.”
      Gregory Keer, writer, speaker, teacher, and editor of Family Man OnLine.
      "Children are so receptive to a smile that if a parent could make just one change in a thirty day period to vastly improve their parenting style, I would suggest smiling more often at their children and offering more hugs and affection."
      Diana Loomans
      author of What All Children Want Their Parents To Know
    • “The silliness of today is the fond memory of tomorrow. The gifts of being human, equal, real and vulnerable with your children are greater than anything you can purchase.”
      Joseph Michelli, Ph.D. Joseph Michelli
      author of:
      Humor, Play & Laughter: Stress-Proofing Life with Your Kids
      When Fish Fly: Lessons for Creating a Vital and Energized Workplace
      The Starbucks Experience
    • “We often forget the importance of laughter. We are especially forgetful or especially serious, when we are dealing with children with children who are being obnoxious or aggressive or uncooperative, and when we have run out of patience and good humor. These are the very conditions when Playful Parenting is most useful.”
      Lawrence J. Cohen, Ph.D. Playful Parenting
      author of Playful Parenting

Laughter and Creativity to Thrive and Prosper

  • "Laughter makes my job different from others. In many situations, people have to learn to laugh. In my classroom, we laugh to learn."
    Carol Sabatos
    Kansas State Department of Education
    Horizon Award winner for 2004-05
  • ''Humor in children has been correlated with higher intelligence, creativity, sociability, empathy, self-esteem, and problem solving. Parents who share funny incidents from their own day, and generally try to see the humor in life's day-to-day challenges are more likely to raise children who like to laugh and can roll with the punches.”
    Louis Franzini, Ph.D.
    author of Kids Who Laugh: How to Develop Your Child's Sense of Humor
  • “Our sense of humor helps us cope with the mounting daily stress we all find in our lives today; it sustains the spirit of joy, aliveness and hope, even on our toughest days. This is why it is so important for parents and teachers to help nurture their children’s sense of humor - now so children can take full advantage of humor’s coping power throughout their lives.”
    Paul McGhee, Ph.D.  Laughter Remedy

Laughter and Healing

  • "Why celebrate laughter? HAHAHAHA! HAHAHAHA! Okay I'll stop laughing long enough to tell you!  My young daughter and I decided to celebrate laughter after I was diagnosed with cancer in 1999. Nothing seemed funny at that moment of diagnosis but laughter and comedy actually became pivotal tools in our strategy to combat the physiological and psychological effects of cancer/illness. Laughter is a divine gift. It's even free! We realized that our family was benefiting from this joy-filled practice of laughing together every day, in spite of my cancer treatments we decided to share our family strategies with others. We launched The ComedyCures Foundation from my chemo chair and our laughter and joy were immediately contagious! Now we laugh and teach millions of people around the world about therapeutic humor through our ComedyCures Foundation?s programs. Our 24-Hour LaughLine, 1-888-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha, helps people celebrate laughter and so do our live therapeutic comedy events. Come join us!"
    Saranne Rothberg, Cancer Survivor, Founder CEO,
    The ComedyCures Foundation
    Saranne was selected as Oprah's "Live your Best" Inspirational Heroes
  • "There is not a whole lot of fun in medicine but there is a whole lot of medicine in fun."
    Josh Billings, humorist (1818-1885)