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"How To" Books to Bring Your Full Fun Self to Work
"Full Fun Self" coined by Leslie Yerkes, Catalyst Consulting Group
True fun is not something you choose to do; it is something you choose to be. Fun is deciding to bring the best of your whole self to work every day. Fun is being choiceful.

Fun Works
Creating Places Where People Love to Work
by Leslie Yerkes
from a reader
What a radical concept - that fun and work are not mutually exclusive! Having fun at and with work can actually be beneficial both for you and your work/product/service. This is an easy to read format, with examples of actual work places to illustrate each of the "11 principles for integrating fun and work" as well as a section of "other voices" that show more examples for putting these ideas into practical use. I found this book to be a wonderful suggestion box rather than a pattern that must be followed exactly - i.e (taking the cat to work (in the operating room) is really not going to fly for me, but there are dozens of other thoughts and suggestions that can be integrated into the day to day "stuff"). Some of the companies/examples used were rather surprising, from an insurance company and an airline to a college dining service, but they just go to show that fun at/with work can occur pretty much anywhere.

Energize Your Meetings with Laughter
by Sheila Feigelson
from a reader
Sheila Feigelson is an all-star humor-in-meetings innovator. Her book is overflowing with great ideas. I recently tried one of her tips for nametags and increased donations from my non-profit board by 25 percent. Our meetings have become more productive, and nobody throws things anymore. Thank you, Sheila! Everyone should buy this book. I'm buying ten more copies right now!


Laugh and Learn
by Doni Tamblyn
95 Ways to Humor for More Effective
Teaching and Training
from a reader
This is a "grab it and go" book that fits in your briefcase along with your handouts. If you're a trainer - nonprofit, corporate or otherwise - you know the feeling of "dead air." During the break, turn to almost any page in "Laugh and Learn" for a technique or an exercise that will uncrink your brain and ramp the room up for your returning learners.
You won't become an expert in the science of humor with "Laugh and Learn." But, hey, they give degrees to people for that kind of in-depth knowledge. As a trainer, you will go as far as you like in incorporating humor into the business of teaching - safely, judiciously and successfully.