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Giggles Galore Read Aloud Books
Beethoven's Wig (Hardcover) by Richard Perlmutter
from a reader
The colorful, whimsical illustrations are wholly original in style, and the horizontal large-page format is perfect for communicating that Beethoven's wig is indeed VERY BIG -- along with too many entertaining images, wordplays, and sight gags to describe. The accompanying audio CD, which includes the original title song based on Beethoven's famous 5th symphony, also includes delightful new songs based on the famous composer's Minuet in G and Moonlight Sonata. The latter, called "Beep Beep Beep" -- and one of Beethoven's Wig performer and lyricist Richard Perlmutter's wittiest works to date (which is really saying something, as you know if you've already heard his two previous award-winning Beethoven's Wig CDs) -- is truly hysterical. Storytelling at its best.

Our Principal Promised to Kiss a Pig
by Kalli Dakos

from a reader
"I just wanted to thank Kalli Dakos and Alicia Desmarteau for inspiring my 7 year old to read. This is the first book that she has related to on any level. She loved the story, the pig, the introduction to Shakespeare, and Ms. Juliet. I can hardly believe she is learning to love Shakespeare in the process. Until now, I was concerned that she would never develop a love for reading. Her teachers have all been concerned with her lack of enthusiasm with reading. Not only has she sat down and read this book over 50 times, but has read it to her little brother, friends, family, and her daddy. She has read this book so much that I believe she has memorized it now."


The Frog Wore Red Suspenders
by Jack Prelutsky
from a reader
"My nearly 2 year old daughter has us read this to her over and over. Last week at a restaurant she spontaneously started reciting "Peanut Peg & Peanut Pete". It's fun to read cover to cover or just a few. And I can see her reading it for many years to come."


Hooray for Diffedoofer Day
by Jack Prelutsky and Dr. Seuss
from a student teacher reader
"I absolutely love this book! My Language Arts teacher in my Credential Program, in Chula Vista, read us this book before we had to take a huge test. I was so inspired I bought my own copy. It is a wonderful book for all teachers to have. Read it to your students before those standardized tests! Trust me... they will love it!!"



Edward Lear, illustrated by Valorie Fisher
from a reader
"can be appreciated on so many levels . Fisher's wit is a wonderful cheeky foil to Edward Lear's. Get it when you care as much about the reader as the readee. It's going to stay on the shelf long after the children aren't children any more. A real gem"