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"How To" Books - Nurture Happy Kids
What All Children Want Their Parents to Know:
12 Steps to Raising Happy Kids
by Diana Loomans
Book Description
Beloved author Diana Loomans provides another great book to help parents connect with and lovingly raise their children. Focusing on 12 key childrearing lessons based on insight from children themselves.Each chapter opens with a child's statement of what he or she needs and wants from a parent. Then, using inspiring and heartwarming examples from her personal experience and from her many years educating children, Loomans shows how each statement reflects an important parenting principle. Practical advice and playful, easy-to-do exercises round out each chapter, helping parents work each idea into their individual approach.


Wise Highs:How to Thrill, Chill, & Get Away from It All Without Alcohol or Other Drugs
by Alex J. Packer, Pamela Espeland

from Midwest Book Review
Wise Highs: How To Thrill, Chill, And Get Away From It All Without Alcohol Or Other Drugs by Alex J. Packer (President and CEO of FCD Educational Services, Inc.) is a thoroughly "reader accessible" and invaluable reference for practical, fun, innovative, and healthy explorations into living a life free of alcohol or other mind altering drugs. Introducing the reader to over 150 creative, legal, playful, and insightful "highs", Wise Highs acts as an educational and informative compendium for teens with everything from tips for breathing highs, to exercise highs, help with physical pains, and a collection of Zen and Zen-oriented information. Wise Highs is very strongly recommended to all teens, and their parents who are searching for a positive, knowledgeable guide to a good time.


Playful Parenting
by Lawrence J. Cohen, Ph.D
An exciting new approach to raising children that will:
Nuture Close Connections
Solve Behavior Problems
Encourage Confidence


100 Ways to Build Self Esteem and Teach Values by
Diana and Julia Loomans
Mother-and-daughter team Diana and Julia Loomans offer 100 creative ideas, techniques, and processes for making day-to-day family interactions easier and more joyful. Based on the principle that respecting not controlling children is key to building self-esteem, the activities in this book promote love, self-worth, and connection between parent and child

Humor, Play & Laughter:
Stress-Proofing Life with Your Kids
by Joseph A. Michelli, Ph.D.
A reviewer writes:
"Though childless, I found Dr. Joseph Michelli's book "Humor, Play & Laughter" a highly entertaining read. I was particulary impressed with the "Activities" sections, which lacked the boring exercises found in other such books, replacing them with humor and joy. Dr. Michelli possess a fantastic sense of humor and fun - and nowhere does this stand out more than in the Chapters themselves. His treatment and respect for children as little people was very moving. The book kept me rolling. A reading MUST for caring parents, and those working with children."


The Book of New Family Traditions
by Meg Cox
from a reader
This book is filled with so many wonderful ideas it's actually uplifting to read. And as you do, you get the feeling that no matter how busy your life is, there's a family ritual that's just right for you. If you want to discover simple, practical things you can do to enhance the texture of your relationships with your children, this is the book to buy. Meg Cox's creativity, vision, and committment to families ring through on every page.